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CHAPTER 10: ARTICLE 30 The Rules for Membership of IPC

A. Eligibility for Membership. 
Any person having the following qualification shall be eligible for membership of the Commission:

(1) Who is of or above 18 years age. 
(2) Who has reputable character and sound mind.
(3) Who agrees to abide by the constitution and by laws of the Commission and supports the aims and objects of the IPC. 
(4) Who agrees to pay the prescribed fee of the Commission. 
(5) No employee of the commission can become member of the IPC.

B. Categories of Membership. 
(1) Patron. 
A person who Pay US$5000 or more in lump sum to the Commission and whose association with the IHRC is deemed by the World Chairman helpful for the promotion of the objectives of the Commission shall be invited by the World Chairman to be its patron. 

(2) Life Member. 
A person who pays US$1000 in lump sum to the Commission shall be invited by the World Chairman to become a Life Member of the IPC. 

(3) Ordinary Member 

(4) Youth membership 
for students, jobless or person under age of 30. 
A person whose application for membership is approved by the World Chairman shall become ordinary Member of the Commission on payment of an annual membership fee of US$30. 

(5) Associate Member. 
Any Local or National agency or organization Subscribing to the aims and objects of the Commission Subject to the approval of the World Chairman can become its Associate Member on payment of an annual membership fee of US$50. 

(6) Observer and Affiliated Member. 
Any International Agency, Organization, State, Government, or Regional Organization paying US$1000 per annum, as affiliation or observer fee and subscribing to the aims and objects of the Commission can become an affiliated member or observer subject to the approval of the World Chairman. The observer or affiliated Agency, Organization, State or Government, shall nominate one permanent Representative to represent them as members of the Commission in General Assembly. 

(7) Honorary Life Member. 
A person who has rendered eminent service to the cause of Human Rights, Peace, Democracy, Education, Law ,Justice, against terrorism, narcotics and Social Welfare and Co-operates actively with the Commission may be nominated as honorary life Member by the World Chairman or any other authority of the Commission under the constitution. He shall not be required to pay any membership fee. 

(8) Co-opted Member. 
The World Chairman and Supreme Council can co-opted Member (s) for Special purpose (s).

C. Procedure of Rejection. 
(1) Persons whose applications for membership are rejected by the World Chairman can apply again after a lapse of six months. 

(2) The application rejected Third time by the World Chairman shall be put - up before the Supreme Council for consideration giving reasons for rejection 

(3) A person whose application has been rejected by the World Chairman Secretariat will have the right to appeal to the Supreme Council whose decision shall be final.

E. Rights and privileges of Members. 
(1) Following Categories of members shall have the right to vote and take part in the meetings and functions of the Commission and hold office in it: - 
(1) Life Members.
(2) Ordinary Members. 
(3) Affiliated Members. 

(2) Following categories of members shall NOT have the right to vote but can participate in the meetings and function of the Commission. The World Chairman can appoint any of them to hold the office of commission in his discretion: - 

(1) Patrons. 
(2) Associate Members. 
(3) Honorary life Members. 
(4) Co-opted Members. 

Members who have not cleared their dues by the due date will not have the right to vote or seek collection or participate in any activity of the commission. 

F. Procedure of suspension cancellation and Resignation of Membership. 
Membership may be terminated on any one of the following grounds: - 

(1) For non-payment of subscription up to 30 days after due date. The Accountant General office will issue 15 days notice to all members who are in arrears prior to the due date. A second notice of 30 days will be given at the expiry of the first notice period if the dues are not cleared as per second notice the person concerned will ipso -fecto cease to member. 

(2) Absence from meeting (General Assembly, Supreme Council or others).A member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without prior intimation, with justification, Shall cease to be member of Commission, As the case may be. 

(3) Conduct being detrimental. If the conduct of any member is deemed by the World Chairman to be prejudicial to the interest of the Commission or calculated to bring the Commission into disrepute. His membership can be suspended / cancelled / terminated according to the following procedure: 

(a) He shall be given a notice of at least 15 days by the World Chairman secretariat during which he shall submit a written explanation of his conduct 

(b) In the event of explanation, being found unsatisfactory the World Chairman Secretariat either may administer a warning or may ask the member to resign his membership from the Commission forthwith. 

(c) In the event of the said member refusing to resign, when asked to do so, the World Chairman shall exercise his powers for the termination of membership. 

(d) For reasons to be recorded in writing the World Chairman secretariat may suspend forthwith the membership of a defaulting member maximum for a period of three months, during which, World Chairman shall be bound to take final decision.

(4) Resignation. 
Any member may on his own accord. Terminate his membership by sending his resignation in writing to the General Secretary or Principle Secretary. The World Chairman Secretariat may accept resignation provided he has cleared all the outstanding dues.

(5) Death of the member. 
Upon the death of any member, the seat shall declare vacant.

(6) Procedure for Restoration of Membership 

(1) Non payment. 
In case it is due to non -payment of membership fees HIS / HER MEMBERSHIP MAY BE RESTORED AFTER PAYMENT OF ALL THE DUES OUTSTANDING Against the member subject to the approval of the World Chairman. 

The notice for cancellation of membership because of non-payment of fee should be published in local newspaper, which may find it difficult to issue individual notices. 

(2) In case of his conduct being detrimental to the interest of the organization, the World Chairman, if it is satisfied, may restore membership after he/she gives a written assurance that he/she will not work against the interest of the commission. 

(3) In case the World Chairman does not restore the person's membership, He/she shall have the right to appeal to the Supreme Council, which by a majority of 2/3 of the members present in voting. May restore his membership. Decision of the Supreme Council on this subject shall be final.


(Clause 1) The World Chairman may, except when the Supreme Council is in session, if satisfied that circumstances exist, which render it necessary to take immediate action, make and promulgate the Constitutional Order as the circumstances may require.

(Clause 2) The Constitutional Order promulgated under this Article shall have the same force and effect as an Amendment of the Supreme Council or General Assembly of the Commission.

(Clause 3) No amendment, addition, omission and constitutional order of the World Chairman, General Assembly, Supreme Council, Council of Founders in to the Constitution of Commission shall be called in question in any Court, in any Country or State, before any Authority, on any ground whatsoever.

(Clause 4) For the removal of doubt, it is hereby declared that there is no limitation whatever on the power of the General Assembly, Council of Founders, Supreme Council and the World Chairman to addition or omission or modification or to amend any of the provisions of the Constitution.

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