Constitution of IPC

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(Clause 1) The Supreme Council shall consist of 31member to be elected by the General Assembly, the World Chairman and the General Secretary will permanent Member of Council. The Supreme Council shall consist of 5 members form Europe, 8 from Asia, 6 from Africa, 6 from America, and 4 from Australia.

(Clause 2) The World Chairman shall preside at the meeting of the Supreme Council as its President. When the World Chairman is absent or is unable to preside the meeting due to any cause, such other person as the World Chairman may direct from members shall act or preside the meeting as the Council President.

(Clause 3) The Supreme Council shall, unless sooner dissolved, continue for a term of 5 year from the day of its first meeting and shall stand dissolved at the expiration of its term.

(Clause 4) The World Chairman may, from time to time, summon the sessions of Council to meet at such time and place as he thanks fit and may Prorogue the same.

(Clause 5) On a requisition signed by not less than one-forth of the total membership of the General Assembly, the Supreme Council and the Council of Founders, the World Chairman or the General Secretary shall summon the either house or both houses to meet, at such time and place as he thinks fit, within 30 days of the receipt of requisition.

(Clause 6) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution and any other law, the World Chairman may also dissolve the Supreme Council in his discretion.

(Clause 7) A member of the General Assembly or the Supreme Council may, by writing under his hand addressed to the World Chairman resign his seat, and thereupon his seat shall become vacant. A house may declare the seat of a member vacant if, without leave of the house, he/she remains absent or seven consecutive days of its sittings. In the case of the Supreme Council for vacant seat, there shall be election in the General Assembly for that seat.

(Clause 8) A person elected to a house shall not sit or vote until he/she has made before the World Chairman or the Chairperson of the General Assembly oath in form setout in the Constitution.

(Clause 9) The Supreme Council shall implement the overall policy of the Commission as determined by the General Assembly. The Supreme Council shall possess all of the powers delegated to it by the General Assembly and the Constitution.

(Clause 10) The Supreme Council shall meet at least twice a year. The Council shall adopt its own rules of procedure


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