Constitution of IPC

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(Clause 1) The General Assembly, Which shall be composed of delegations representing Members Organizations, (NGOs) shall exercise the powers of deliberation and Control, which are conferred upon it by this Constitution.

(Clause 2) Each delegation shall have the right to one vote in the Assembly.

(Clause 3) The Assembly shall hold regular sessions at least once every two years. The Assembly may meet in extraordinary sessions at the request of a majority of members or at the request of The Supreme Council, The World Chairman, The General Secretary, or The Council of Founders.

(Clause 4) The Assembly shall elect its Chairperson at the beginning of every session. The Chairperson shall serve in the function until a successor is elected for the session.

(Clause 5) The Assembly shall adopt the Agenda at the start of each session based on recommendations of the Supreme Council, the World Chairman and the General Secretary.

(Clause6) The Assembly shall act by a simple majority of votes delegations present. The quorum shall be laid down in the rules of procedure.

(Clause7) The NGO's can get the membership of this Commission and each NGO shall have the right to one vote in the Assembly as the Member of Commission.

(Clause8) Each Member shall take general and specific measures, which are appropriate to assist the Commission in achieving its aims and shall refrain from actions intended or reasonably expected to harm the Commission or impede its activities.

(Clause 9) Subject to the constitution, the General Assembly may make rules for regulating its procedure and conduct of its business. Until rules are made by this Clause, the procedure and conduct of business in the Assembly shall be regulated by the rules of procedure made by the House Committee.


(Clause 1) A resolution with respect to any matter in Manifesto, Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed by the United Nations on 10th December 1948 may originated in the General Assembly, the Supreme Council, or the Council of Founders and shall, if it is passed by the house, it shall be presented to the World Chairman for assent.

(Clause 2) When the World Chairman has assented to a resolution, it shall become resolution of the International Peace Commission. The World Chairman shall assent all the documents on behalf of Commission, all documents assent by the World Chairman will come into force at once.


(Clause 1) The World Chairman may address General Assembly and present his report in every session, for that purpose requires the attendance of the members.

(Clause 2) The World Chairman after consultation with the Supreme Council may, from time to time, summon the joint sitting of all institutions to meet at such time and place as he thinks fit and may also Prorogue the same, and the World Chairman shall address the joint sitting assembled together and informed the causes of its summon in every joint sitting of all institutions.

(Clause 3) At a joint sitting, the World Chairman shall preside, and all decision at the joint sitting shall be taken by the votes of majority members present at voting.


(Clause 1) The General Assembly, the Supreme Council, the Council of Founders, the World Chairman and General Secretary may invite individuals, the Governmental, or International Organizations and the leaders of states to attend as observers to the Regular or Special session of the General Assembly.

(Clause 2) The General Assembly and the World Chairman shall decide on the rights and duties of observers.

(Clause3) The States Governments and International or Regional Organizations can apply for the status of Observer to take part in the activities of the all institutions of Commission with out the right of vote.

(Clause 4) The World Chairman can invite the World leaders and personalities to address Special sessions of the General Assembly, the Supreme Councilor Joint Sitting.


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