Benefits & Responsibilities Of Members


  • To promote peace, health, equality, human rights, economic development and educational access in developing nations, especially within the territory of their network.

  • To work his / her best efforts to spread the message of peace, the Introduction & objectives of IPC to make new member organization & Individual locally & globally.

  • To work for the service of Humanity without discrimination of Caste, Color or Creed.

  • To work for the global civil society network creation within their network & contacts and promote the civil society organizations work by facilitating them with global information & funding recourses guidelines.

  • To work under guidance of the high officials of IPC and always uphold the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations, December 10, 1948.

  • To develop networks locally & globally in the sphere of economic, ecological, educational and bioethical reflection and action and to organize the Peace squad in their country.
  • To provide advice, guidance, direct action and support in regards to issues pertaining to the field of and implementation of Sustainable Development and Peace.

  • To Organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, Peace March and educational programs dealing with sustainable economic development, gender equality, environmental and corporate social responsibility, education access, peace, disarmament, NGO networking, Health and human rights.

  • To engage in other activities related to the furthering or obtaining the goals, objectives and Mission of the Organization, as the need arises.


How to get the Benefits from the IPC as a Life Member or Affiliated Organization?

  • All members should submit their monthly reports in which they explain what activities or efforts they did during the month & how these will be promoting the objectives of IPC.

  • Send monthly updates on how many life members or organizations you are been able to introduce during the month.

  • Every 10th December Submit your recommended proposals /grants & sponsorship request for any project related to Water AIDS, Education, Shelter, Peace, Environment, Informative Seminars, and Relief for the approval & support.

  • Send Articles, Reports and news updates on the peace related issues & IPC goals related subjects to unite the efforts to secure within the international community a high level of cooperation and responsibility on issues related to Peace and Social Development; Human Rights, Peace Keeping and Disarmament, Social Development, Education, NGO Networks, Environment, Youth, Health, the Empowerment of Women, Media and Democracy.

  • Send your interests on what benefits you would like to avail from the member’s benefits list.


  1. Opportunity to learn-earn-serve by getting involve & participate in international volunteer projects through IPC service and learning programs conducting in various parts of the world.

  2. Opportunity to work and earn with IPC partner business organizations / corporate working as their representative in your country and abroad.

  3. Opportunity to get Invitation to attend international events, Conferences, workshops training sessions, exhibitions etc. Free of Cost if organized by IPC or United Nations and if organized by any partner organization on Cost with special discounts in consultancy & registration. 

  4. Special assistance and guidance provided in applying for study abroad or internship programs globally.

  5. Special discount on the reservation in hotels, motels, and hostels under the IPC partner organization worldwide.

  6. Free job placement information services for the deserving candidate.

  7. Guidance on getting international grants/Funds & scholarships globally.

  8.  Issuance of international identification card of IPC on merit basis & issuance of International Membership certificate issued by the World chairman & Ambassador of IPC.

International Peace Commission

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